Big data – In search of data gold

A broad basis for research

Huge volumes of data are already successfully evaluated in many areas of science and research. For example, weather forecasts are based on countless pieces of individual information being processed, and analysis of the causes and effects of climate change benefits from big data too. The area of social research is also showing a lot of interest in this new resource and in the information generated by activity in mobile phone networks, on the Internet and in social networks. “Until now, we only had very inaccurate data about social behaviour, and it primarily came from surveys,” says Karin Frick, Head of Research at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI). “But these surveys only cover a fixed point in time, involve protracted processes and also contain a degree of vagueness. We now have valuable information about social behaviour thanks to the volumes of data generated by society.”

Big data is generated by various information technologies