Practical examples

Given the communication and networking preferences of the young target group, many companies now specifically use social media channels to promote products or push product development. One example of such a social media strategy can be seen with the cosmetics manufacturer L’Oréal. The company’s profile on Facebook alone has nearly 19 million fans. L’Oréal’s strategy is to be present at every step in the customer’s decision-making process. Above all, social media channels should accomplish one thing: generate attention. Through tutorials and product videos, prospective customers are encouraged to choose a L’Oréal product. After the purchase is made, the company re-establishes contact with the consumer on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter in order to secure long-term customer loyalty.

The “Genussblog”, a digital pool filled with countless recipes and interesting posts about the latest food trends, is prepared with love and passion by employees of METRO Cash & Carry like Anna Friedhof.
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Many companies are now focusing on their own blogs for external communication. The corporate blog of the automaker Audi, for example, gives journalists, bloggers and other influential web users a look behind the scenes. Audi uses this platform to present its products, technology and design, but also to provide information on career opportunities, sustainability and sports. The company relies mainly on the provision of background information and less on interaction with readers.

The METRO GROUP sales lines can also be found on relevant platforms such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. Real’s official Facebook profile, for example, has more than 420,000 fans. This new form of customer communication is supplemented by a Twitter account and a YouTube channel that informs customers about loyalty campaigns, among other things. METRO Cash & Carry Germany provides information on discount offers and events on a daily basis to its more than 130,000 Facebook fans and shares posts from other social media channels. In addition, METRO Cash & Carry’s “Genussblog” regularly publishes recipes and cooking ideas.