New challenges for employers

Finding new employees is a strategic task for any company. Fully understanding and specifically addressing prospective employees is all the more important. Many of the millennials are still in their studies or vocational training and will surge onto the labour market in the coming years. According to a global study conducted by Telefónica, 49 per cent of German millennials hope to find a well-paid, stable job in the next ten years. Having children (16 per cent), owning a home (13 per cent) and getting married (12 per cent) are secondary objectives. 51 per cent of respondents are also professionally mobile and would like to work abroad. Income only plays a minor role for this target group. For 47 per cent, the key goal is to find a working environment that they can enjoy.

32 per cent of German millennials wish for an open and caring work environment.
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Their second objective is to achieve a good work-life balance. Millennials therefore place great emphasis on flexible working hours. An adequate work-life balance and the oppor­tunity to grow in their jobs are factors that are some­times more important to them than financial compensation: earning a reasonable salary ranks in third place, but also their wish for an open and caring work environment.

Many millennials are looking for opportunities to make the world a better place. To pique their interest, companies are also showing social commitment and offering their employees the opportunity to do community and environmental work. Henkel, for example, is very active in the field of corporate citizenship. Employees can take part in donation drives or development projects, or work alongside the company on educational and equal opportunity initiatives.