Service in retail

Service in retail

Digital services in stationary retail offer customers true added value.

Online availability check
Free wi-fi in stores
Order goods even if not in stock
Order online, pick up in store
Access to availability at other stores
Scanning codes for information
Self-scan checkout
Digital receipts
Customer card app with coupons
Access to an expanded product range
The top 10 digital services at the point of sale according to level of interest
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"Service can be described as support that someone voluntarily offers. The term also refers to a company’s intangible economic output, which can either represent the company’s core product (in the case of service industries) or may be offered as an add-on to the company’s tangible products. These include such things as pre-sales and after-sales service for products independent of the actual purchase of the goods. Services also cover the area of customer support, such as the maintenance of purchased goods."

Source: Gabler Wirtschaftslexikon

"We need to make our customers feel like guests in our store."

Alain Caparros, CEO of Rewe Group

"The best ideas come to me when i imagine that i’m my own customer."

Charles Lazarus, founder of the toy retailer “Toys’R’Us”

"The only way to assert ourselves is to provide better service. the customers are gods."

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, founder and CEO of the US company Amazon

"We were leaving a party and had our mobile phones in our hands. and we thought: ‘now it would be great to call the corner store, order and say we’re on our way to pick up our groceries"

Benjamin Brüser, founder of the retail company “Emmas Enkel”