Food service entrepreneurs

Is there an á la carte recipe for success?

“Entrepreneurs are made, not born. Don’t try to predict the future – shape it yourself!”

Whether it’s financial hurdles, high customer expectations or the difficult search for qualified staff, people who wish to start a business in Germany face considerable challenges. Is there a recipe for success? The answer is that there’s no fail-proof recipe. But there are proven basic ingredients. At the beginning, planning and preparation are essential for acquiring the necessary business skills and developing a viable business concept. Every new business owner should carefully examine as many sources of information and advice as possible, and select the best fit. “Food service providers must cover various areas of expertise: they must be good hosts, organise marketing and still keep their eyes on commercial aspects,” Manfred Troike explains. “If they can’t do something themselves, they must compensate for this through friends, business partners, consultants or tax professionals.”

Furthermore, every entrepreneur must be able to deal with the risk of failure. “Self-employment has a lot to do with being courageous, staying true to yourself and holding on to your idea even in difficult times,” says Troike. The basic formula – even beyond the start-up phase – is: Don’t bury your head in the sand when challenges arise; take action and reach out for help. Stay informed, seek advice and network!

To continuously appeal to customers, it’s important to have a feel for trends. “Even if there’s a lot to do, every food service provider should stay curious and keep their eyes open to what’s going on around them,” explains Manfred Troike. Whoever looks at the diverse demands and requirements and assumes that entrepreneurship is only for a chosen few is mistaken. Prof. Dietmar Grichnik, an expert in starting businesses, encourages people to make the plunge into self-employment: “Each and every one of us has the potential to start a business and be an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs are made, not born. Don’t try to predict the future – shape it yourself!”

  • 01 Plan and prepare

    02 Attract qualified staff

    • RKW, the Rationalisation and Innovation Centre of Ger- man Industry, provides recruiting tips (in German).
    • KOFA, a project aimed at securing qualified staff, sup- ports small businesses in recruiting personnel (in German).
    • The German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs presents projects on securing qualified staff (in German).
    • This online job network matches jobs and profession- als in the restaurant, hotel and catering industry.

    03 Follow trends and meet customers’ expectations

    04 Find funding solutions

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