Food service entrepreneurs

Checklist for start-ups

10 steps to business success

  • 01 Perform a self-assessment
    Is self-employment the right path for me? Do I have sufficient qualifications? In what areas do I still need to learn more?
  • 02 Gather information and seek advice
    What are the opportunities and risks? What are the success factors for starting a business? How does the hospitality sector work?
  • 03 Develop business ideas
    What is special about my concept? Is there a market for my service/products? What is the most promising location?
  • 04 Secure funding
    How much start-up capital do I need? What sources of funding are available? What types of grants are possible?
  • 05 Create a business plan
    What does the business model look like in de- tail? What earnings and expenses can I expect? How high will turnover and profit be?
  • 06 Comply with official requirements
    Which laws apply to start-ups? What formalities must be fulfilled? Which offices do I need to visit?
  • 07 Clarify tax questions
    Which taxes are applicable? When are taxes due? Which tax consultant specialises in the food service industry and can assist me?
  • 08 Develop a marketing plan
    How can I attract and retain customers? Which forms of advertising would be useful? What type of start-up events would attract attention?
  • 09 Monitor success
    Have personal objectives been achieved? Is the operating result actually positive? Do I have costs under control?
  • 10 Observe market developments
    How can I move the business forward? How can I optimise my business idea? Where is there a need for more information and advice?