Trade and retail marketing

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Trade and retail marketing has never been so varied: it grabs the attention of customers using a mix of tried and tested as well as new instruments, ranging from conventional print ads to point-of-sale communication and digital couponing. The retail sector is important both in the conventional advertising market and with regard to innovative forms of marketing.

Traders have been vying for the attention of customers for thousands of years. The sales pitch of the market crier in ancient Egypt can be seen as an early form of advertising, as can clay and stone tablets that were used to promote a merchant’s goods and services. The first instances of modern commercial advertising came about during the Industrial Revolution, when posters, flyers and print ads rapidly began to proliferate. And new technologies continuously led to new forms of sales promotion. For example, with the advent of electricity, electronic signage became increasingly important starting in the 1890s. Further down the line, the invention of the radio and television opened up new advertising opportunities – in much the same way that the Internet and smartphones have revolutionised the advertising market more recently.

A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.