Trade and retail marketing

Print still ahead – but digital advertising catching up

The retail sector is still dominated by traditional print advertising formats such as brochures, customer magazines and print ads. However, multimedia advertising forms are increasingly closing the gap, and the EHI Retail Institute even forecasts the greatest growth potential in this area. The reasons for this are obvious: Firstly, the Internet and smartphones are becoming more and more important for consumers. Secondly, bricks-and-mortar retailers are increasingly engaging in online business as part of a multichannel strategy – and the marketing is changing in line with the sales channels: digital communication channels are now an integral part of the marketing mix.

Development ofbudget for above-the-line and modern retail advertising

This applies to METRO GROUP’s sales lines too. Take Media-Saturn, for example: as part of their multichannel strategy, the consumer electronics retailers Media Markt and Saturn expanded their marketing to include social networks in order to intensify their dialogue with potential customers. By the end of 2012, Saturn Germany had already established itself as one of the most popular brands on Facebook. The free customer magazine Turn On successfully combines print and online media. It is available as a print edition at all the Saturn stores throughout Germany and can be downloaded as an e-publication at In terms of content, it focuses above all on the latest trends. The magazine also informs customers about how they can experience the latest technical developments in their day-to-day lives and generates new buying incentives. The readers can use their smartphones to scan QR codes which take them straight to the Saturn online shop.