Trade and retail marketing

Focus on innovation

In spite of all the hype about online retail, bricks-and-mortar retail will continue to be of significance. According to recent market studies, 70 per cent of consumers make their buying decisions right by the shelves in store. Advertising measures at the point of sale (POS) are therefore a key element in the marketing mix. The aim is to increase the customers’ dwell time and to encourage them to make impulse buys, be it with special displays, in-store TV and radio or experience-based product presentations with light effects, music and fragrances. Some companies are already experimenting with augmented reality applications, i.e. marketing instruments that add something to reality. For example, the toy manufacturer Lego has installed cameras in some of its stores with which the customers can film the individual products. What they then see on a screen is the actual contents of the box, shown from all different angles.

Multimedia advertising forms are increasingly closing the gap.