Trade and retail marketing

Sales promotion thanks to customer retention

Bonus schemes such as Payback are now a firm fixture in the modern marketing mix for the retail sector because they help to boost customer retention. The idea behind such schemes is that the customer is awarded points every time they shop, which they can then exchange for gifts. This now exists in more than 37,000 stores in Germany. According to its own information, Payback is therefore Germany’s biggest marketing platform. Coupons have also proven to be an efficient means of sales promotion and customer retention since Germany’s discount law was abolished in 2001. And as more and more customers are now using mobile phones, there is an increasing focus on digital couponing in addition to the usual paper coupons.

Payback is active in this market too. For example, since September 2013, customers at Real can activate their Payback e-coupons on the Real website or via the Real smartphone app. Everyone benefits: retailers and manufacturers can explore new ways in which to precisely tailor their marketing campaigns to the shopping behaviour of specific target groups, while the customers are able to more quickly and more conveniently collect points and receive coupons that perfectly meet their needs.

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