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Social media marketing

More and more businesses are focusing on targeted social media marketing. Long-term success in this area is founded on having holistic concepts, as demonstrated by the coffee company Starbucks, for example. This US company uses a comprehensive mix of social media, including Facebook and Twitter, a YouTube channel and a blog, My Starbucks Idea, as a platform for the customers’ ideas and suggestions. These channels and forums allow the company to engage in interactive dialogue, combine the worlds of online and offline, and bring the users together. Specifically, the marketing system works as follows: entertaining content and topics on Facebook are used to reach the fans and interested parties. Starbucks uses carefully placed ads to regularly advertise its Facebook page, promotions and applications, thereby spreading them further. At the same time, the company uses a thoroughly considered editorial plan to make sure that the page content is regularly updated and that this content encourages the users to take part in promotions and make recommendations. In particular, these include comments and page contributions, but also photos that the users publish on the page. Rather than focusing on products, this type of marketing focuses more on lifestyle, dialogue and relationships. This strategy has not only allowed the coffee company to massively boost its brand impact – according to experts, Starbucks’ success in social networks has also significantly contributed to an increase in sales.

Real is exploring new avenues in marketing too; its official Facebook page now has well over 400,000 fans. This new form of customer communication is complemented by a Twitter account and a dedicated YouTube channel, providing information about, among other things, loyalty promotions. Galeria Kaufhof likewise communicates via social networks and has around 110,000 fans on its Facebook page, with this number continuing to rise. Galeria Kaufhof is also present on Google+ and Twitter and communicates hot topics such as fashion, beauty and lifestyle via its Galeria blog. Alternatively, customers wishing to know about food and drink trends can turn to METRO Cash & Carry Germany, which has a “Genussblog” offering inspiration in the area of good food and cooking.