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Unusual retail advertising promotions

Media Markt: crazy goal wall shooting and sale

Germany goes football crazy: on 30 May 2013, all 255 Media Markt stores in Germany invited customers to take part in a “crazy goal wall shooting” promotion. The principle behind the promotion, which ran until 11 June 2013, was that customers who succeeded in shooting the ball through the hole would be fully reimbursed for the shopping they had just bought. Each customer was given just one attempt: one shot – one goal – shopping for free. Media Markt followed the promotion in various marketing channels, including on its official Facebook page, which featured an overview of the best goals scored, among other things.

Just a few weeks later, the sales brand launched a second innovative advertising promotion: at the end of September, Media Markt heralded the start of the biggest sale of the year. For a period of six days, the consumer electronics retailer offered its customers an extensive clearance sale because all of its stores in Germany and also the online shop were closed on 2 October. The reason for the sale was that Media Markt was switching to its new autumn product range – with the biggest store opening of the year on 4 October with various other special promotions at all of Media Markt’s stores.

Media Markt & Conrad Electronic

Conrad Electronic: “You have the fun, we have the technology”

In 2010, the specialist retailer Conrad Electronic presented the home-made creations of hobby inventors, such as a ball-throwing machine for a dachshund, under the motto of “You have the fun, we have the technology”. The company initially showcased the creations as online viral videos, i.e. short clips that are generally circulated without any information about their source.

Only in a second phase is information revealed regarding what the clips are about, why they have been published and where they come from. Viral videos therefore make it possible to communicate messages without them directly being seen as advertising. As the clips are usually humorous and entertaining, they spread quickly via social networks. The clip featuring the ball-throwing machine was clicked on so often that Conrad Electronic also made use of it as a TV commercial.

The campaign won the 2011 Merkur Award as one of the most creative retailer ads of the year. The reason behind the award was as follows: “The story not only scores thanks to its especially high entertainment value – it also elegantly defines the spirit of the target group.”

Hornbach: “No one feels it like you do.”

The TV commercial “Crack” was launched at the end of 2012 as part of the Hornbach campaign entitled “No one feels it like you do.” (Keiner spürt es so wie Du.). In the advertising clip, a man physically feels his house’s pain. And the man’s physical pain does not stop until he has repaired the crumbling facade of his house. The TV commercial was supported by other measures such as the staging of the “Crack” motif: extra large installations on building facades were used to give the impression that there really were large cracks in the masonry. The “No one feels it like you do.” campaign won multiple awards, including in the 2013 Art Directors Club competition.

Hornbach, Real & jako-o

Real: “Real Deal” campaign

Real launched its “Real Deal” in October 2012. There had never been a promotion of this kind and on this scale in German food retailing before. The campaign, which has now been run a total of five times, involved Real offering limited products at rock-bottom prices each day, either from its food or its non-food product range. Each new “Deal of the day” was announced the evening before via TV or radio advertising. The customers were also able to find out what the next day’s offer would be online from 6 p.m. at and on Twitter. The promotion successfully combines TV and online advertising, thereby optimally supporting Real’s multichannel approach.

Jako-o: “Let kids be kids.”

Since 2012, the children’s fashion and toys company Jako-o has been placing a spotlight on the increasing appointment stress and pressure to perform experienced by children with the help of attention-grabbing TV commercials. The commercials feature children who do not have time to play with their friends and enjoy their free time because of all their different obligations, such as piano lessons, ballet classes or yoga courses. With these commercials, the company is picking up on a much-debated societal topic and is combining it with a simple message: “Let kids be kids.” (Lasst Kinder einfach Kinder sein.). In a second sequence, the commercials show boys and girls playing and having fun – while wearing Jako-o clothes, of course.

Have a look at the TV commercial.