Trends in focus

International retail structures

Trends in focus

Manufacturers, suppliers, logistics companies and service providers are integrated into complex structures in the international value chain. It is the task of retail companies worldwide to link up these stakeholders effectively. They create the structures necessary to meet consumer demand for high-quality goods quickly and reliably. The retail industry is a source of stimulus for economic development all over the world. Retail acts as a consumer for local and regional products, closes gaps in supply and improves the range of goods on offer.

Changes in international trade

Retail has always had sociological and cultural importance. It connects people and cultures, shapes towns and cities, and creates new settlements where people come together. There have been major changes in international trade routes since the end of the 1990s – away from the developed countries and towards emerging markets. The reason for this trend is the increasing urbanisation in many areas and the associated greater demand for economic infrastructure. Another driving force behind this change is the relocation of manufacturing of certain goods to emerging markets. Experts expect to see a marked increase in trade relationships in retail over the next 20 years, particularly between Asia and South America.